The GS, Ethics and Optional Mains Test series will be scheduled yearly in both online and offline mode. Offline tests will be conducted as per the schedule in Shri Rajiv gandhi IAS Academy. Answer discussions with faculty will be the most effective part of this programme. It helps the students analyze their strengths and weaknesses so that the same can be worked upon before the actual examination. 

The model and markings of the test series will be the same as the actual examination. Daily Answer writing practice also helps immensely in the preparation. Weekly Essays and Ethics Answer challenges to our students will examine the knowledge of the aspirants and prepare them to develop the right attitude for the UPSC CSE Mains.

All India Mains Test Series 2022


Course schedule will be announced prior to 1 month of the start date.

Initial One time payment.

Fees may be subject to change.

Kindly go through our refund policy before making payments.