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Current Affairs:

Based on the analysis of the previous ten years question paper, the weightage given to History was about 15-20%. The sections of history are Art and culture, Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India. Out of these topics Modern India has the highest weightage in Prelims question paper. So its important to cover Modern India in detail and we are going to allot more study hours and revision hours for this topic.


Let’s start with Modern India..

First understand the sequence of events that happened from the early 18th century to till date. The entire phase starts from the fall of Mughal Empire, Marathas and consolidation of British rule in India. The next phase was all about Freedom struggle which consists of 1857 revolt, organisation of Indian National Congress and the role of Moderates and Extremists. The last phase was the Gandhian era, freedom movements and Formation of Constituent Assembly. Note down the chronology of events or major movements which helps to remember the facts.

To cover all these portions it’s recommended that one has to go with either


  1. 11th and 12th NCERT or
  2. Spectrum – Modern India, Rajiv Ahir or
  3. TN Samacheer – 11th and 12th History


The above mentioned books are more than enough for prelims. But if you find difficulty in understanding, then start with the basics of NCERT books given below.


  1. 6th NCERT – Our Past
  2. 7th NCERT – Our Past – I
  3. 8th NCERT – Our Past II and III
  4. 9th NCERT – India and the Contemporary World – I
  5. 10th NCERT – India and the Contemporary World – II


After selecting the books to read, it is utmost important to understand how to read Modern India and what are the relevant points to remember in Prelims point of view.

It is recommended to read a book thrice to grasp the concepts clearly. In the first reading go through the whole book line by line it will give you some idea about what’s inside the book. Before you start with the second reading go through the previous year question paper and syllabus. In the second reading underline the points which are related to the syllabus.

The focus points are..


  1. Famous Personalities related to freedom struggle like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose etc..
  2. Movements – its purpose, causes for the movement, people involved and the consequences of the movement
  3. Role of Press and Literature

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