• The Tamil Nadu government has recently constituted a high-level committee led by Chief Secretary Shiv Das Meena to monitor and manage traffic congestion in the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC).
  • The committee has a chairperson, a member secretary, and 16 members.
  • It will meet once every two months.
  • Discussions on road improvement works, traffic regulation and management, regulation of eateries on footpaths, parking issues and various measures were done for smooth traffic management in the GCC.


  • WHO has announced that Egypt had made “unprecedented progress” towards eliminating hepatitis C.?
  • Egypt became the first country to achieve “gold tier” status on the path to elimination of hepatitis C as per the global health body criteria.
  • Egypt has diagnosed 87% of people living with hepatitis C and has provided 93% of those diagnosed with curative treatment.
  • The most common route of hepatitis C virus spread is injection drug use.


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday unveiled the ‘AmritKaal Vision 2047’, a long-term blueprint for the Indian maritime blue economy.
  • It was done while inaugurating Global Maritime India Summit 2023 in Mumbai.
  • The blueprint outlines strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing port facilities, promoting sustainable practices and facilitating global collaboration.
  • The capacity of major ports in India has doubled.
  • Thee turnaround time for big vessels has come down to less than 24 hours compared with 42 hours.


  • ‘Guidance’ has received the prestigious United Nations Promotion Award 2023.
  • It has won the award for excellence in scaling up energy transition investments.
  • It was given at the 8th World Investment Forum held in Abu Dhabi.
  • The biennial World Investment Forum monitors mainstreaming of sustainable development goals by investment promotion agencies.
  • ‘Guidance’ is the nodal agency for investment promotion under the Department of Industries, Investment Promotion and Commerce under Government of Tamil Nadu.

First solar investment project:

  • Guidance was receiving the award for facilitating the first solar investment project with a fully vertical integrated photovoltaic thin film solar module manufacturing facility, notably through green incentives and higher training incentives for women.
  • This project will facilitate access to low-cost solar panels and contribute to more sustainable cities in India.
  • The award is in recognition of Guidance’s efforts to attract investments through innovative approaches for promotion, and partnerships in energy transition promotion.


  • Prime Minister chaired a high-level meeting to assess the progress of India’s Gaganyaan Mission.
  • He has directed the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to set up an Indian-crafted, indigenous space station (BharatiyaAntariksha Station) by 2035 and land an Indian on the moon by 2040.
  • India should aim for setting up a (Indian Space station) by 2035 and work towards interplanetary missions (including a space vehicle to orbit Venus and one that will land on Mars).

International Space Station:

  • The International Space Station is developed and maintained by the U.S., Russia, Canada, Japan, and European agencies.
  • It is the largest space station.
  • It is expected to be decommissioned by 2030.