Welcome to your Current Affairs Quiz

By which year has PM Narendra Modi directed ISRO to land man on moon?

After 24 weeks, the MTP Act requires a medical board to be set up in “approved facilities”, which may “allow or deny termination of pregnancy” only if there is substantial foetal abnormality. Which of the above statement/s is/are correct?

Consider the following oilseeds: 1. Groundnut 2. Soya bean 3. Sunflower 4. Canola How many of the above oilseeds are covered under the Minimum Support Price?

Which 1973 Arab-Israeli war is the current Israel-Hamas conflict being compared to?

Consider the following statements and answer the question below: 1. There are 12 major ports and 200 non-major ports (minor ports) in the country. 2. Vision of the Sagarmala Program is to increase tourists’ footprints in India through maritime route. 3. The Indo-Ceylon Express or Boat Mail ran between Chennai and Colombo via the Thoothukudi port upto 2014. How many statement/s above is/are correct?