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what is the Name of Tamil Nadu's first backward class Commission?

According to the Union Coal ministry, which State is the largest producer of lignite in 2022-23?

Rafah border was in the news. It connects:

Consider the following statements about the Ethics committee. 1. Ethics committee in LokSabha was first constituted in 2000. 2. It consists of not more than fifteen members. 3. The members are nominated by the Speaker. 4. They shall hold office for a term not exceeding one year. How many of the statements given above is/are correct?

The Indian Railways will operate special trains to transport volunteers carrying mitti (soil) from State capitals and other major stations across the country to reach New Delhi. What is the name of this initiative called?

The European Union’s top human rights prize was created in 1988 in honour of which former Nobel Peace Prize laureate?