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Which of the following is NOT true about TCAS - Kavach?

Consider the following statements with respect to Kachchatheevu Island: 1. Kachchatheevu is a small island located about 10 miles southeast ofRameshwaram. 2. When the Zamindari system was abolished, Kachchatheevu became a partof the Presidency of Madras. 3. No visa is required for Indians to visit Kachchatheevu for pilgrimagepurposes. 4. Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi accepted Katchatheevu as a SriLankan area under the "Indo-Sri Lankan Maritime Agreement" aimed at resolving the maritime boundaries in the Palk Strait. How many of the above statements are correct?

The three-storey Butler Palace is in which Indian State?

Which became the first non-Arab state to recognise the Palestine Liberation Organisation?

The word 'H. pylori' is related to which of the following?